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Residential Pressure Washing In Biloxi, Mississippi

Residential Pressure Washing In Biloxi, Mississippi

I was contacted by this customer through a referral of a commercial client (Mary Mahoney’s). This customer opted for “the works” as I like to refer to it. A house wash, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, patio cleaning and pool area cleaning. A stringent time line had to be adhered to due to the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching. I was able to exceed expectations using our proprietary cleaning solution that gently removes organic build up without damaging the customers home.

A cleaning solution was first applied to pretreat the affected areas. This allows for the organic growth to be dispatched, then gently removed. All surfaces can be soft washed, but not all surfaces can be pressure washed. Having the professional knowledge and ability to discern between the two can mean the difference a damage claim, and a yearly contract agreement. The only two surfaces that should ever receive high pressure are concrete and brick. Sometimes the higher pressure is needed to dislodge the organic material from the porous surfaces. This residential client in Biloxi, Mississippi had a wonderful Turkey day due to the competence and responsiveness that Gulf Softwash provides day in and day out on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Location: Biloxi, MS

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