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House Washing in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

House Washing in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

I was contacted by this customer to clean their homes exterior. It hadn’t been cleaned in 10 years and it showed. I was certain my proprietary Softwash mixture would clean this home and get it looking brand new again. What exactly is housewashing?

House washing refers to the process of cleaning the exterior surfaces of a house. This involves the removal of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other pollutants that accumulate on the exterior walls, roof, windows, and other surfaces of a home. House washing can be done for both aesthetic and maintenance reasons. The method of choice for doing this safely is a process called softwashing. The results of this project were outstanding and the end product was another happy customer in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Location: Ocean Springs, MS

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Client Review

The best birthday gift I gave to my daughter. The house looks brand new. Did not realize just how dirty it was and Graham did a great job. Will use him on all my properties.

- Marylyn G

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