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Commercial Soft Washing In Biloxi, Mississippi

Commercial Soft Washing In Biloxi, Mississippi

I was contacted by the mayor of Biloxi to clean the exterior of the Croatian American Cultural Center (The Slavonian Lodge) as the locals in the Biloxi call it. Mayor Gilich was ready to go get quotes to have the entire building repainted. Little did he know that all the building needed was thorough exterior cleaning. I assured mayor Gilich that I was the correct contractor to achieve the superior results he was so diligently searching for. This was a major concern of his since the President of Croatia was flying into Biloxi the next week.

I explained the process of Softwashing a structure and how it was much safer and more effective than traditional pressure washing. My softwash mixture is a proprietary blend of environmentally safe chemicals that are used to gently remove organic build up, and to stunt their future growth. All this is done without any hard pressure being applied. Hard pressure can and most certainly will damage surfaces. Once I began softwashing the lodge, the mold, mildew and algae deposits that had been the there for years melted away like a hot knife through butter. Mayor Gilich was elated at the results of my company and thoroughly impressed with this Commercial Soft Washing project.

Location: Biloxi, MS

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